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Some of our papers that made the front cover !

Selected recent publications


Predicting the terminal velocity of dipterocarp fruit. Smith, J.R., Bagchi, R., Kettle, C.J., Burslem, D.F.R.P., Maycock, C.R., Khoo, E. & Ghazoul, J.  Biotropica, in press

Development of twelve polymorphic microsatellite loci for the endangered Seychelles palm Lodoicea maldivica (Arecaceae) Emma J. Morgan; Kirsti Määttänen; Christopher N. Kaiser-Bunbury; Andres Buser; Frauke Fleischer-Dogley; Chris J. Kettle Applications in Plant Science (in press)


Understanding local patterns of genetic diversity in dipterocarps using a multi-site, multi-species approach: Implications for forest management and restoration. CT de Morais, J Ghazoul, CR Maycock, R Bagchi, D Burslem, E Khoo, and Kettle C.J.,  Forest Ecology and Management

Predicting dispersal of auto‐gyrating fruit in tropical trees: a case study from the Dipterocarpaceae JR Smith, R Bagchi, J Ellens, CJ Kettle, DFRP Burslem, CR Maycock, and Ghazoul. J., Ecology and Evolution

Impacts of an Extreme Precipitation Event on Dipterocarp Mortality and Habitat Filtering in a Bornean Tropical Rain Forest JA Margrove, DFRP Burslem, J Ghazoul, E Khoo, CJ Kettle, CR Maycock Biotropica 47 (1), 66-76


Global Forest Fragmentation Edited by Chris Kettle and Lian Pin Koh (Associate Professor, University of Adelaide, Australia),  provides a cutting edge review of the multi-disciplinary sciences related to studies of global forest fragmentation. It specifically addresses cross-cutting themes from both an ecological and a social sciences perspective. The ultimate goal of Global Forest Fragmentation is to provide a detailed scientific base to support future forest landscape management and planning to meet global environmental and societal needs.

Available as an eBook, or from the publishers.

GFF cover

Fragmentation genetics in tropical ecosystems: from fragmentation genetics to fragmentation genomics CJ Kettle Conservation Genetics 15 (6), 1265-1268

Genetic Connectivity of the Moth Pollinated Tree Glionnetia sericea in a Highly Fragmented Habitat A Finger, CN Kaiser-Bunbury, CJ Kettle, T Valentin, J Ghazoul. PloS one 9 (10), e111111

Fragmentation Genetics of Vateria indica: implications for management of forest genetic resources of an endemic dipterocarp SA Ismail, J Ghazoul, G Ravikanth, CG Kushalappa, RU Shaanker, and Kettle, C.J., Conservation genetics 15 (3), 533-545

Forest fragmentation genetics: what can genetics tell us about forest fragmentation? A Finger, U Radespiel, JC Habel, and CJ Kettle, Global Forest Fragmentation,

Geographic distance is more relevant than elevation to patterns of outbreeding in Ranunculus bulbosus P Matter, CJ Kettle, ER Frei, J Ghazoul, AR Pluess.  Journal of ecology 102 (2), 518-530

Forest trees in human modified landscapes: ecological and genetic drivers of recruitment failure in Dysoxylum malabaricum (Meliaceae) SA Ismail, J Ghazoul, G Ravikanth, CG Kushalappa, RU Shaanker, and C.J. Kettle PloS One 9 (2), e89437

Global forest fragmentation:  CJ Kettle and LP Koh CABI UK,


Landscape composition has limited impact on local genetic structure in mountain clover, Trifolium montanum L.T Hahn, CJ Kettle, J Ghazoul, EI Hennig, AR Pluess, Journal of Heredity 104 (6), 842-852

Development of polymorphic microsatellite markers for the critically endangered and endemic Indian dipterocarp, Vateria indica L.(Dipterocarpaceae) SA Ismail, A Buser, RU Shaanker, G Ravikanth, J Ghazoul, CJ Kettle Conservation Genetics Resources 5 (2), 465-467

Evaluating contemporary pollen dispersal in two common grassland species Ranunculus bulbosus L.(Ranunculaceae) and Trifolium montanum L.(Fabaceae) using an experimental approachP Matter, CJ Kettle, J Ghazoul, T Hahn, AR Pluess Plant biology 15 (3), 583-592

Fragmentation genetics in the tropics CJ Kettle and A Finger Conservation Genetics Resources 5 (1), 299-301

Extensive contemporary pollen-mediated gene flow in two herb species, Ranunculus bulbosus and Trifolium montanum, along an altitudinal gradient in a meadow landscapeP Matter, CJ Kettle, J Ghazoul, AR Pluess Annals of botany, mct021

Biodiversity state and trends in Southeast Asia LP Koh, CJ Kettle, D Sheil, TM Lee, X Giam, L Gibson, GR Clements. Encyclopedia of biodiversity 1, 509-527


Eleven microsatellite markers for the mountain clover Trifolium montanum (Fabaceae)P Matter, K Määttänen, CJ Kettle, J Ghazoul, AR Pluess American journal of botany 99 (11), e447-e449

Does long‐distance pollen dispersal preclude inbreeding in tropical trees? Fragmentation genetics of Dysoxylum malabaricum in an agro‐forest landscapeSA Ismail, J Ghazoul, G Ravikanth, R Uma Shaanker, CG Kushalappa, and C.J., Kettle Molecular ecology 21 (22), 5484-5496

Eight microsatellite markers for the bulbous buttercup Ranunculus bulbosus (Ranunculaceae) P Matter, AR Pluess, J Ghazoul, CJ Kettle American journal of botany 99 (10), e399-e401

New directions in dipterocarp biology and conservation: a synthesis CJ Kettle, CR Maycock, D Burslem. Biotropica 44 (5), 658-660

Dipterocarp Biology as a Window to the Understanding of Tropical Forest Structure: Where are we Looking Now? P Ashton and CJ Kettle Biotropica 44 (5), 575-576

A revised conservation assessment of dipterocarps in Sabah CR Maycock, CJ Kettle, E Khoo, JT Pereira, JB Sugau, R Nilus, RC Ong, …Biotropica 44 (5), 649-657

Dipterocarpus lamellatus and Dipterocarpus ochraceus in Sabah, Malaysia CR Maycock, E Khoo, CJ Kettle, JT Pereira, JB Sugau, R Nilus, J Jumian, …Journal of Forest Science 28 (3), 158-169

Patterns of genetic variation across altitude in three plant species of semi-dry grasslandsT Hahn, CJ Kettle, J Ghazoul, ER Frei, P Matter, AR Pluess. PloS one 7 (8), e41608

Forest fragmentation genetics in a formerly widespread island endemic tree: Vateriopsis seychellarum (Dipterocarpaceae) A Finger, CJ Kettle, CN KAISER‐BUNBURY, T Valentin, J Mougal, …Molecular ecology 21 (10), 2369-2382

Importance of demography and dispersal for the resilience and restoration of a critically endangered tropical conifer Araucaria nemorosa CJ Kettle, RA Ennos, T Jaffré, S McCoy, T Le Borgne, M Gardner, … Diversity and Distributions 18 (3), 248-259

Seeding Ecological restoration of tropical forests: priority setting under REDD+ Kettle C. J. Biological Conservation

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