I am a tropical ecologist and conservation geneticist with 15 years experience working on Applied Molecular Ecology, and currently lead the Molecular Ecology and Conservation Genetics within the Ecosystem Management Group, in the Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems ETH, Zürich, Switzerland.

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Chris Kettle (center), in Sabah as part of the TropFor course, 2015.

I am an Associate Editor of three journals: Biotropica, Plant Ecology and Diversity,  and Global Ecology and Conservation. I am also on the Board of the Society for Tropical Ecology (GTOE) and ATBC Conservaton Committee. I am also an advisor to the Malaysia based NGO Tropical Rain Forest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC).  For regular updates on what we are up to follow me on twitter.

You can view my CV Jan 2016. You can view my ETH webpage here Chris J Kettle and my google scholar citations and my ResearchGate profile here.

For Youtube drone video over Sepilok.

My research aims to advance our understanding of how habitat degradation, especially fragmentation impacts on plant biodiversity. My research is divide into three core areas; plant reproduction and the genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation; trees species coexistence in tropical forest and tropical forest restoration. Across all of these themes I apply a combination of molecular and traditional ecological approaches to address fundamental research questions, applicable to the sustainable management of natural systems. I am increasingly applying next generation sequencing technology as a tool in this research.